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Questions and Answers with Chris Gardner

Christopher Gardner
Can you help me with my problem?
What are your interests?
Why did you write this book?
Are you planning to write a follow-on work?
Are you available for speaking engagements?
What are your favorite books?
What are you working on now?

Q: Can you help me with my problem?

It depends. If the problem is appropriate for my group then the answer is yes, should you decide to retain us. If the problem is covered in my book then the answer is also yes, and you can buy the book or check it out from the library (it is currently in the libraries of Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, and educational institutions around the world). If neither of these is the case, then many people are likely to be as qualified as me, but a solution or referral is still not out of the question and you are welcome to take your chances. The best way to find out is to send me a brief e-mail by clicking the "Contact the Author" button on the homepage of this website.
Q: What are your interests?
This is essentially a private matter, since the answer is a place in my mind that represents Truth, Beauty, and Genius.
Q: Why did you write this book
I wrote this book because it is a book I wanted to read. I refer to it often in my own work. The book shows how to model the economics of an actual information technology system, which is often a complicated thing. The accuracy of the model constructed is determined by the level of understanding of the elements of a system, their arrangement, and their behavior. A reference that provides information about these elements can make sure this level of understanding is high.

The book is also a vehicle to personally try to improve the way business decisions are made that involve technology. I have seen a number of failures in this area because a description of how to measure the economic attractiveness of an information technology system was unavailable. That is no longer the case.

Q: Are you planning to write a follow-on work?
This is a possibility, but it is far too early to discuss, and is likely to take a radically different form.
Q: Are you available for speaking engagements?
You will need to tell me about the audience, topic, agenda, speakers, location, arrangements, and date scheduled. Then I can discuss accepting your invitation. I do have clients and staff commitments to fulfill, which can result in conflicts, so I am not always able to participate.
Q: What are your favorite books?
I have a wide range of science books in the fields of physics, astronomy, computers, cryptography, neurobiology, and information theory. My taste in works of literature has led to a collection of  20th century fiction and contemporary plays. My business books are mostly the classics in finance, strategy, and market research. I also have a small collection of corporate "samizdat".
Q: What are you working on now?
I am exploring and conducting research in a number of areas. The project that has captured my imagination the most is something fairly risky, so I am not prepared to talk about it other than to say it takes a wholly new approach to the problem of how to improve corporate decision-making. If I do my job right, the result will be a kind of corporate renewal.

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